Welcome to the amazing hospitality world

Hello everyone!

This is the first post for my blog lifeisahotel.wordpress.com. Currently I am on my 4th semester at George Brown College in Toronto, Canada. I study Hotel Management and am a passionate hotelier.

I started my adventure with the hotel industry a few years ago in Chongqing, China. In Chongqing I worked at the beautiful 5 star Hengda Hotel. Later I had an opportunity to work for another amazing 5 Star Hotel in Shanghai, China known as the Fujian Hotel. When returning to my home country of Poland, I was the front desk agent of the 4 Star hotel Polonia Palace in Warsaw.

Being a receptionist is a perfect job for me as I love people. I believe in exceptional customer service skills (which is really important in this industry). Every day while going to work my main goal is to work above and beyond guests expectations.

I hope you will enjoy discovering the hospitality industry with me. This is my first time writing a blog in english and I would love any feedback on how I can improve upon this.



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