Where to stay in Nagasaki? Hotel New Tanda + Tourists in Nagasaki

I have spent two weeks traveling all around Japan with my sister. We have been to the most beautiful places such as Meiji Castle, Mt. Fuji, Temple of The Golden Pavillon and much more. We had a chance to stay and shortly visit exciting cities like Tokyo, Osaka or Kyoto. One of our plans was also to visit Nagasaki famous for Confucius Shrine, Peace Park or Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum. Nagasaki is also a fascinating city, with a lot of good restaurants stores and comfortable hotels. One of them is New Tanda Hotel.


Hotel New Tanda is a very modest and tourists friendly hotel which offer simple rooms with washrooms, tv, a/c, wi-fi access and comfortable beds. My plan was to experience real Japanese hospitality my primary goal was to visit a lot of Japanese hotel chains.

Hotel New Tanda is located close to the main attractions that Nagasaki has to offer. You can visit the whole city while using public transport or taxis. The hotel is located just next to the Cruise Ship Terminal, and if you are lucky, you can admire the biggest cruise ships arriving at the port.

Unfortunately, the weather in Nagasaki was pretty rainy and cold, but it didn’t destroy our plans, and we have visited a lot of amazing places. But before sharing with you, our story let me take for a room tour 🙂


Our room was huge. We also had a Tv with a lot of Japanese channels 🙂 as well as the desk, and a lot of sockets to charge our phones.

In our room, we also had a tiny but spotless and convenient washroom, that doesn’t look like in any other hotels in Europe or America. They look like a separate space which is located higher than the floor in our rooms. You can find there Shiseido cosmetics 🙂 definitely my favorite cosmetic brand!

Instruction for using out toilet was really complicated :O



The rest of the hotel reminded me a little bit of European interior. Just have a look at these pictures. I have to admit that hotel’s staff was fantastic, accommodating, friendly and speak English well.


I love their hotel carts ❤ 😀


Important pieces of information for hotel guests concerning the city, rooms, and restaurant.

A “parking” for umbrellas. I’m sure they will be safe 🙂

I’m sure all of you know Nagasaki. It was a second city that got the atomic bomb after Hiroshima. 9th August 1945 at 11:02 am, was hit by an atomic bomb (fat man) which killed 75,000 people and destroyed almost half of the city. Nagasaki today is a city with a lot of restaurants, hotels, shops, tourist attractions and of course tourists from all over the world.

As we only had a one day in the city, we had to visit Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum recommended learning more about the history of the atomic bomb.


Museum was full of students from all over Japan; they were eager to learn about the history and was carefully reading all descriptions and sometimes watching shocking pictures.


Next, to the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, you can find a famous Peace Park established in 1955. Located near to the hypocenter of the explosion is commemorating the atomic bomb and all the victims. There was also a lot of students visiting this site with teachers. As I had a chance to talk with students, they were coming from all over Japan. This trip was a part of their history classes they have in school to understand this big catastrophe.


At the end of the day we had a really nice dinner at the China Town.


Have you ever been to Nagasaki?


Best regards,


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  1. gokulr27

    I would love to visit the Atomic Museum. So much heartbreaking history in this place. This is a nice place to stay. Love the view from the room.


  2. I would love to visit Japan, but I’d find it really emotional to visit Nagasaki with its sad history. Fingers crossed those two crazy-haired maniacs keep their fingers off the button… Nobody should have to live through this again. On a lighter note, I’d probably find those toilets a challenge too!


  3. donoghuemc

    I’ve visited Japan, though not yet made it to Nagasaki, I think it would be a pretty emotional visit – I’ve been thinking of Japan a lot recently with the whole NKorea vs America debacle, Japan doesn’t need to go through anything like that again.

    Hotel New Tanda looks really comfortable, thanks for the tip on where to stay.


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