Kimpton De Witt Hotel in Amsterdam

The beginning of June 2017 was an intense month for whole Kimpton hotel chain as they were opening their very first boutique hotel in the Netherlands – Kimpton De Witt. Their new localization in the heart of Amsterdam attracts a lot of tourists and curious locals to check this very modern and well-designed hotel. Proximity to the central station makes it also a perfect hotel who want to travel around Amsterdam in public transportation to discover this beautiful city.

We were very proud and lucky to be one of the first guests at this brand new property and to sleep in new and very comfortable beds 🙂

Together with Ola, we got checked-into a standard room with 2 queen size beds. Our room comparing to other hotels in Europe was really big, spacious, well decorated and exciting to discover. There were so many little details that it took us few hours to find all room amenities.




Room amenities

As I’m a fan of big, spacious and well-designed bathrooms, the one at Kimpton De Witt hotel “made me really interested “? Stunning white and blue tiles, big bathtub which you could also use as a shower and very soft towels made me feel like in a luxurious spa. I also have to mention their cosmetics from company Marie Stella Maris. This cosmetic brand from Amsterdam offers a variety of natural care products like shower gel, shampoo, home fragrances and mineral water. What is impressive about this company except for their fantastic products? The fact that they care about our environment and want to guarantee that people all around the world have a right to safe and drinking water. Every time when you purchase their products, a small amount of money goes to clean, drinking water projects. We love it ❤

There is nothing more comfortable after a long and warm bath then jumping in a soft and comfortable robe. You can use one them in your room, next to your bed 🙂 Just to keep warm during cold days 🙂

Public spaces


Tea corner

If you cant imagine your morning without a good cup of tea then you have to be here. Every morning hotel’s staff prepares a special place where you can prepare your favorite brew. You can chose from a vide variety of teas made and prepared locally. You can enjoy it inside their spacious lobby area or take it away for your walk while discovering Amsterdam.

Lobby area







What time is it? It’s a wine o’clock!

The Wyers




Thanks, Kimpton De Witt for your hospitality ❤




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