Feel like a “real prisoner” at HI Ottawa Jail Hostel :)

A night at the jail! I have to admit that this was one of the most unique experiences of my life. Personally, I’m such a good girl, but all the sudden I had to spend a night at the real prison… I mean an old jail because nowadays this interesting building serves as a trendy hostel, operated by Hostelling International. If you are looking for new, unique experiences then you should consider reading this article 🙂


This unique hostel was initially been Ottawa Jail until 1972 when Hostelling International bought this building and changed it into a place where everyone can feel like a real criminal for a night or two.

Some of the rooms at the Hostel (deluxe category) have an ensuite bathroom. But for the rest like in any typical hostel, you have an access to public showers separated for girls and boys.

75de18ab-de8e-43dc-b6c7-d453778148a1.jpgThis hostel is also ideally located in the heart of Canada’s capital. Just next to the Parliament Building, National Gallery of Canada and Byward Market where you can try good food, buy souvenirs or have a beer with family and friends. Property is located in downtown Ottawa at 75 Nicholas Street. 88ad70d4-d4bb-4979-86ff-97adef9811f5.jpgThis 150 years old former jail might be a good option for people who love adventures as some people say it might also be hunted 🙂 But personally, I had a really nice sleep in my lovely cell 🙂


This Hostel is also very well equipped and offers free wifi, free breakfast, parking, laundry room, bike rental, Tv room, library, lockers, luggage room, backyard or kitchen.
At the HI Ottawa Jail Hostel, you can find some private as well as shared rooms. If you prefer intimacy, sleeping by yourself or with family and close friends, then you can choose between twin and double cells (some of them are also deluxe or historical cells) as well as an authentic jail cell.


Most of the rooms a.k.a. cells have names of prisoners that spent there some time. You can read about crimes that they have commited as well as a sentence.

At the Hostel, you will also find some common areas where you can cook, read a book, watch tv and eat your food.




f991d29b-4cf1-499f-9d3d-401de9d324fc.jpgWhat do you think about such an experience? Would you like to stay at Jail Hostel? I’m looking forward to your opinion ❤


And remember – if you don’t pay your bill, you won’t run away that easily 😉




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