Discover the color​s of SALT of Palmar boutique hotel in Mauritius

The beautiful island of Mauritius has a special place in my heart. Exactly seven years ago I had a chance to live and work there for almost 6 months. I had a chance to discover the beauty of this paradise island, try their delicious food and meet amazing people. I have always dreamed of coming back to my home far away from home. Luckily this year I had a chance to come back there for a short holiday with my family. Not only to rediscover this unique place but also to share the beauty of this island with my loved ones.

While visiting Mauritius I had a chance to test a couple of hotels located in different parts of the island. Salt Resort was one of them. After visiting this property I have only admitted that Salt Resort is not only accommodation with a good restaurant or luxurious Spa. This is a special place where they grow food, manage a hotel in an eco-friendly way and save our planet. The Salt resort hotel cares about the travelers but also about everything which comes from the local people. In their restaurants, chefs only use local food and ingredients. Hotel decorations and suppliances are made by local workers as they promote everything that Mauritius has to offers.

Salt Resort is very colorful like the whole Island of Mauritius. The architects and designers who created this place were inspired by everything that this island has to offer. As a passionate hotelier, I love all properties as they are all unique. But boutique hotels such as Salt of Palmar have a special place in my heart. I admire them as they will always surprise and offer unique experiences. The main philosophy of Salt is simple, local, human and curious. This is what you will get while staying at this property.IMG_0814At their hotel’s boutique, you can buy some of the most beautiful souvenirs like jewelry, notebooks, postcards and more. You can bring back home a part of Mauritius with you.

At their restaurant, they only use wooden cutleries. Their Chef prepares also dishes made of local products and ingredients. They are all delivered by local farmers.

If you have time and you’re not currently visiting the island, you can sit and relax at their hotel’s terrace and admire the views on the beautiful ocean. There are plenty of seats where you can hide from the whole world with your favorite book.



Colors, colors, colors are what they really love! It’s promised that you will never have a sad day at Salt.

Rooms at the hotel are simple but they have anything that you might need during your stay.IMG_0754

At the Salt, they are also sharing with their guests a special guide where you can read some necessary pieces of information and tips about the island. There is also one book about the hotel which shows who in the property is responsible for what. Personally, I believe that this is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to learn more about the hotel and meet the staff.



Access to the beach

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