“Life is a pineapple”, or how pineapple become a symbol of hospitality

Do you like pineapples?

This tasty and juicy fruit has a lot of health benefits: Vit. C, lowering blood pressure, antioxidant, immune support, bone strength. It can make your skin look younger and much more!

Some of you, might be wondering why my logo presents a pineapple?!


nowe logo


Did you also know that pineapple symbolizes hospitality?

There is a really long history and I invite you to learn more about this tasty symbol…

There is much history behind the Pineapple, and part of that is from the time of Christopher Columbus. During his trips to the Caribbean, he discovered this exotic (at the time) fruit in 1493. He took it back to Europe and presented it to royalty. Fruit, because of the weather condition was really difficult to grow in Europe and became a symbol of richness and wealth. Royalty of the 15th – 16th century in Europe was offering Pineapples to important guests as a symbol of hospitality. This tradition reminded me a little bit of the tradition of welcoming a guest from my own country – where we would welcome important guests with bread and salt.


As pineapples were exotic and undiscovered fruits they became a decorative ornament that people would decorate their doors and walls.

I have found a few examples to show you some of those beautiful ornaments

DSC_0011 by kkimphotography. (CC BY-NC 2.0)
Pineapple door knobs – Hawaii July 2014” by Larry. (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Giant pineapple door knobs” by Claire.  (CC BY-SA 2.0)

For hospitality freaks like me I have found some beautiful items that we can wear every day and share our love to this exciting industry.

Pineapple and some of my favourite polish candies with the pineapple taste…


Very fancy watch for every front desk agent ( I got it for my birthday from my sister)…


Two different pairs of socks…

And of course this beautiful pendant that you can wear every day while working in hotel…


In many hotels there are are hidden pineapples – you just have to look for them very carefully. Here is the example, that I have found at Park Hyatt Hotel in Toronto.


Here is a pineapple decoration at Club Quarters Hotel in Chicago


Beautiful boutique Hotel Zoe by Amano in Berlin


I also try to look for pineapples at the stores (trust me there are a lot of them).

Do you like pineapples?

Thank you for reading,

Kasia Walkow

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Blog logo, logo by Kaja Rata. Used with permission


  1. Mina

    I love this post Kasia! Pineapples are my favorite! We have lots of them back home in the Philippines, and I like them super sweet! I also bought a pineapple-shaped charm when I got here so I will always smile when I think of home 🙂 Cheers!


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