Hotels. Shelter for travelers

Hotels, from many years are supposed to be a shelter for those travelling. Many centuries ago there were just a simple houses which was providing beds sometimes in common rooms. That was all what customers were looking for. Nowadays everything has changed as people become more demanding…. How many times have you heard from hotel guest saying “I paid, so I require”. Of course, our customers are the most important and we do everything to make their stay the most enjoyable. Sometimes it is of course too much. I was reading a lot about crazy requests from hotel guests, such as: penguins in the room, room full of Nicholas Cages pictures (?) or fishes in hotel’s pool…

As for my own experience the strangest I ever heard of was one guest requesting for a little change in his room… He was fighting with Front Desk at my last hotel where I worked, to build him a bathtub, as  he didn’t liked a shower in his room. We could just change his room easily, but unfortunately during the high season we were out of rooms with bathtub. We were trying to make this guest feeling very special by offering him free breakfast or free ride to the airport so he could just forget about his bathtub. For the next day for our (un) luck he moved out from our hotel to another which offered him bathtub. I hope he enjoyed his new room and had a nice baths…. I know, that I’m still a newbie in hotel industry but Im looking forward to hear new stories about the strangest guests requests. I think that they are a big challenge, but also a good lesson to learn on how to treat stubborn customers with a smile on a face 🙂 Yes, I love working in hotels ! Such an amazing and exciting place, isn it ?

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