Airplanes. Where our travels takeoff.

Who likes to travel ?

People travel not only to visit but also to start new lives in other places or to escape harsh weather conditions.

Years ago people were traveling on horses or on their own legs which took a lot of time. Nowadays with cars and airplanes we can travel the world so much faster (to compare around 70 years ago traveling from Poland to Canada took 2 months, now it is only 8 hours on a comfortable flight with Polish Airlines).

In the world there are thousands of airlines that are taking passengers to their destinations. Have you ever tried to imagine how many airplanes are actually flying in the sky right now? If so, then you should definitely check my favourite website Flight Radar. You will be able to see how many airlines are flying right now above your country or any other place in the world. Knowing the flight number, you will be able to follow your friend’s or families flight during the whole journey.

Personally, I’m really scared of flying, but knowing that there are thousands of other flights at the same time I feel more secure and try not to think about the worst. According to Iata 3.7 billion passengers will fly this year, and I will be one of them as I fly to Poland in April for a 2 week holiday.

I decided to start a new series on my blog called International Airlines. I will prepare for you some basic information about different airlines and (if I have any) I will share my own experience. Today I will start by the main airlines in my new home; Canada.

So before reading new article, just have a look on this video and imagine you are in airplane which takes off to your favourite destination.

“Airplane Take Off Sound Effect In High Quality.” N Beats Sound Effects. Embedded from Youtube 


I had an opportunity to fly with them from Toronto to Zurich in 2015. Unfortunately, I need to admit, that this was one of the worst flights I have ever had. The flight staff I had for this flight were rude and unprofessional. They were always forgetting little things like offering water or not paying attention to customers while serving food. I would like to belive that this was an isolated incident and that Air Canada staff are usually very good.  Air Canada airplanes are very comfortable and have a really big selection of movies and games on their tv screens. As for travelling around Canada, I definitely recommend to fly with this Canadian airline.

Their Company was founded in 1937 and is the largest airline in Canada. This is also the 10th largest airline company in the world and flies to over 178 destinations around the world. AC is a part of the Star Alliance program where you can collect your miles.


Departure path by BriYYZCC BY-SA 2.0.

Currently on the Air Canada official website there are special promotions and deals for Valentines Day. By booking before Feb.16th I have found a good deal for a flight to Vancouver. Round trip is for $293 and there are certain dates when you can travel but they are very flexible up to June 2016. I will have this promotion in mind as my Birthday is coming and I would love to give myself a gift ticket : )

For those of you who would like to learn something before or during booking a ticket reservation, I recommend to visit website Seat Guru. You can choose your airline and airplane that you will fly with.  There are a lot of comments from travellers and good advice while making a seat reservation. Also the best seats are in green colour and the worst in red. This page will definitely help you to get ready for your travel.




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