Intern at Front Desk

Currently my “Hotel life” is between school and my work as an intern at a hotel in Toronto. School will finish in April and then I will be free to discover more in the hospitality life around the world.

Working as an intern is the best option for anyone who would like to discover the world of hotels. I’m lucky enough that during my internship, I am not only standing and smiling but also doing check-ins, check-outs or taking any phone calls which makes me more experienced.

So far I have found a few things that might help other interns that are just starting their hotel experience. First of all, SMILE! : ) I see that guests always remember me and when they come to the front desk they always approach me first. Smiling is the cheapest and the least tiring thing you can do to make your guests stay unforgettable. I see that many non English speaking guests are simply scared to come and ask a question, but showing them that I care is what always helps me to be the best Front Desk Agent.

Another important point is to never promise something that you are not able to do, working as an intern. It might seem a little bit unprofessional but I always ask guests to kindly wait while I ask my manager how I should help the guests. I always mention that I am an intern which everyone understands and they always praise my efforts.

What is very important, is looking at the guest during conversation and stop doing anything when they approach you. There’s nothing worse than answering guests and doing something on the computer without even looking at anyone….

What I would recommend is also to know your rights. We all know that being an intern is pretty stressful and we don’t want to make any problems while handling little or bigger problems. My internship is through school and I know that they are responsible for my work if anything will happen, which I won’t let happen!

My last recommendation is just to have your eyes wide open, cause you never know when there will be an important situation that can teach you how to manage conflicts or solve problems. During my shifts I’m always asking my colleagues what they are doing and if they are talking with guests I’m always trying to listen to their conversation. So far I have learned a lot not only about guests but also about the English language – I have learned new words and professional sentences that I’m currently using.

1796585_10202670940627527_1580511883_nPhoto was taken about 5 years ago when I was working as an Intern in Chongqing, China

Are you a young hotelier who is still learning or being an intern? Just share your experience with me!

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