Hilton Hotel & Suites Niagara Fallsview

Being a Hotel enthusiast, I decided to spend my Birthday weekend at one of my favourite places in Ontario. Niagara Falls! Since childhood I was always fascinated by Niagara Falls and as I remember I always wanted to see them with my own eyes. My dream finally came true when I moved to Canada 2 years ago. So far, I have been there 3 times. Each time being more fun than the last! This time I decided to stay at the  Hilton Hotel & Suites Niagara Fallsview. Being located about 4 km away from the falls and only a 3 minute walk from The Fallsview Casino.


We had arrived to the Hilton around 2:30pm and luckily my room was already prepared for check-in (even though their check-in time is 4pm). Upon entering, we were greeted by a nice woman that showed us our way to the Front Desk. Our check-in process was quick and smooth, only taking about 1 minute. This was very efficiant time management which would be great during busy hours but I found the experience to be lacking any personal touch. The Front Desk Agent did not ask us any questions or offer any information about hotel services. She just quickly and efficiently did her job but without going above and beyond.

I was staying on the 31st floor in their King Studio Full Fallsview room. It had an amazing view of the falls and the surrounding area.


Yes, there is a casino. And you don’t need to take your jackets to get there. Hilton is connected to all this fun by tunnel.



After being shocked by the view and feeling very excited for my stay, I started to do my job as a critic. Inspecting the condition of the room and taking pictures of the room to present them on my blog.

As you can see, this is a really big room. There was so much space for 2 people and I’m pretty sure it can easily fit a family with 2 kids or 3 adults with its additional pull-out bed sofa. What I really liked were the fold-in windows that opened into the bathroom which made it feel even bigger.


Big and comfortable sofa (bed) in the living room area of the room.


I really liked their large and comfortable bathroom with shower, toilet, sink and jacuzzi.



Unfortunately the fold-in windows were not properly cleaned, leaving dirty hand markings from previous guests.


The bathroom came stocked with some complimentary cosmetics, towels, and hairdryer. The only thing missing was that there was no shower gel. I had to call Housekeeping for this. I didn’t have to wait long before a nice Housemen gave me 3 shower gels (which smelled really nice).




We also had a little working area with a very comfortable chair, desk, phone and a few information pamphlets about the hotel and services they provide. What I really liked were the number of outlets in the room. We had 10 outlets! This is really important for all travellers who have at least 2- 3 devices that need to charge. So when traveling with somebody, there won’t be a problem with who gets to charge their devices first.



Tv area right in front of bed.

Recycling !!!! Don’t forget to recycle my dear friends !!!



Just wanted to show you one part of our room, which is pretty important especially in the evening – lights. Next to the sofa, in the evening was pretty dark. The only light we had was a lamp desk, but still not enough.


King size bed! Theres nothing more comfortable, than….king size beds !



Just an old, dry piece of rose left over from a romantic night….Maybe Housekeeping hadn’t seen it?


Another view of the room


Main wardrobe in our room for clothes, bags as well as iron and ironing boards, safe and extra  blankets.


Some of the extra facilities in the room: little fridge and coffee maker


And the rest of the photos are taken from my room. You don’t really need to go outside to have a nice picture of Niagara Falls.



Hilton Hotel & Suites Niagara Fallsview

Hilton Hotel & Suites Niagara Fallsview offers 516 rooms and has South Tower with 33 floors and North Tower with 55 floors.

Every floor has a tiny room with some emergency snacks, drinks and ice. I think it is really comfortable for those craving a little snack but doesn’t want go all the way down for a bag of chips.


My biggest fear were definitely the elevators. I don’t really like any turbulences while being on an airplane and pressure in my ears. This is what I had experienced in their elevators. Every time when the elevator stopped at different floors, I had my stomach almost in my head. Not really a good feeling, but I need to admit elevators are fast and can fit a lot of people.


Lobby area



At their Concierge desk, they can reserve dinners at restaurants and recommend how to spend your evening in Niagara. They had recommended to me where I could go for a wine tour. Unfortunately, I didn’t like their recommendations. I had found better places with google and driving through the Niagara Escarpment and Twenty Valley area.



While walking around I have found a few interesting details on the walls, which symbolizes the city of Niagara Falls.



Italian restaurant Pranzo. I’m a huge fan of pizza and will try this place next time I’m at Hilton Fallsview.


Thankfully they had some directions cause it was pretty easy to get lost.


Lobby area from the Mezzanine level.


Computer area.


Some of the conference facilities in the Hotel.



If it is your first time in Niagara, you should look for this stand. There are a lot of advertisements of what to do in Niagara as we’ll as coupons to use while eating or having fun.


The entrance to Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse Restaurant in Hotel.


Restaurant on the 33rd floor called The Watermark. I really loved the blue details which reminded me of the sea. The whole restaurant was looking like an underwater kingdom of Poseidon.


Everyone at Front Desk worked so hard to minimalize time of waiting in the queue.


And of course the tunel that connects Hilton with another hotel where the Casino is located (unfortunately I haven’t won anything….yet).


Here we have the casino in a very fancy galleria with a lot of expensive stores.



The view of Hilton Hotel with 2 towers, my room was located in the smaller tower.




In the evening I have decided that I should try one of the restaurants available at the Hilton Fallsview. As I am a fan of meat, I decided to go to Brasa. I had made a reservation at the Hotel’s concierge mentioning about a birthday in my party. I was expecting to receive a little slice of cake with a candle, just as a nice gesture. Unfortunately, we didn’t get anything. I know that one slice of cake won’t make a big loss for the restaurant but would make a great impression for guests making them happier. I believe that hotels or restaurants should definitely arrange something nice for their guests special occasions.

I had found this useful information stand at the entrance to the hotel. It basically presents restaurants that are located in Hilton Fallsview.


On our way for a dinner in Brasa Restaurant.


Appetizers, while waiting for our main dishes.


We had the option to choose from 70 different items in their gourmet buffet. There were salads, vegetables, cheese, meats, sauces and a pretty big choice of olive oils, avocado oils etc.


Pretty big wine collection



If you wanted to have different kinds of meat brought to your table, all you had to do was put your coaster on its green side. If you wanted to take a break or was already full then you would flip it to the red side. Service in Brasa was excellent. Very nice waiters were walking around with different meats and they were offering you different tastes. One of them even remembered which one was my favourite, and was offering me extra chicken : ) Thank you for an amazing dinner, Brasa. I will definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone and will eat there during my next trip to Niagara.


Live music, with a beautiful and very nice woman singing South American songs.


Another food place I have tried was the Grand Caffe, breakfast buffet.


They had a wonderful omelet station with a nice cook.



Restaurant offers Gluten Free options. I had asked for a muffin and a slice of bread. After 5 minutes they delivered to my table a very tasty carrot muffin and a warm slice of bread.



To conclude my stay at Hiton Hotel Niagara Fallsview I want to share with you some of my opinions:


  • beautiful, spacious room with an amazing view
  • very tasty food in Brasa Restaurant
  • location
  • hotel facilities
  • really good wi-fi connection
  • good choice of restaurant at property


  • service at Front Desk should be more personable
  • elevators were making me dizzy
  • parking a little bit too expensive ($25 for self parking)


Have you ever been at Hilton Hotel & Suites Niagara Fallsview ? If yes, you should definitely share your opinion with the rest of us.

Maybe you have some suggestions and tips ?


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