Travel and Vacation Show in Ottawa

Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you an interesting experience I had while attending the Travel and Vacation Show at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa.

This exceptional event gave me and hundreds of other visitors a unique experience of traveling around the world without leaving Ottawa. While walking down isles and between booths, we were able to journey our way through Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, and to South and North America. There were many booths with different Canadian provinces and states in the USA. I also saw a few tourism companies and some interesting hotels (Barcelo Hotels, Iberostar Hotels & Resorts,  Sirenis Hotels & resorts or Hotels Accents). I had the opportunity to talk with a few hoteliers about their properties and their experiences while traveling around.


A lot of guests who were looking for some vacations and ideas where to go and what to discover.

As I am a hotel blogger, my main goal was to learn about Hotels, but a lot of reasons why we stay at hotels is to travel of course.

When I was visiting different booths from different countries, i found that most of them were represented by consulates and embassies of different countries. I was always asking about some beautiful hotels or if they have interesting deals for travelers. I think that the Travel show is a great opportunity, not only to get a lot of freebies, but also to learn about special deals. Very often, companies that are going for trades or shows have some amazing discounts to attract new customers.


Polish consulate was representing my beautiful country. There was a lot of practical information and the ladies at the booth were ready to answer all your questions!


Some countries to better promote their culture had some very beautiful national costumes and were dancing for visitors.


One of the hotels that I have found at the Show Tropic Star Lodge. This beautiful property located in Panama is the paradise for fisherman. They offer fishing experiences as well as relaxation in their hotel located at The pacific in remote Darien Jungle.


Beautiful decorations representing one of the most fascinating Canadian province – Newfoundland. I think that according to their promotion it will be a very popular destination in Canada to travel during 2016 summer season.


Representatives of New York state, were promoting this wonderful state which is not only famous for NYC but also to many nice places where we can relax and admire nature.



Guests during the show were able to learn how to cook dishes from different countries and also try them of course.


Representatives of Magical Kenya had a very interesting and colorful booth where we could find some beautiful decorations from Africa.

If you would like to take part in this amazing event in 2017, you should check their website and make sure to follow them to learn when 2017 dates will be on. If you don’t like to travel participating in this event will make you travel all around the world!


Safe travels,

Kasia Walkow


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