Hotel of my childhood – Hotel Gołębiewski

Since I was a little kid, my parents would take my sister and I to this small mountain town in the southern most part of Poland, named Wisła. This quaint little town is famous for it’s “Ski Jump” culture and history. Being the hometown of one of the most successful ski jumpers of all time, Adam Małysz. Wisła is not only a great place to visit in the winter, but during any season of the year. With many attractions, beautiful park paths, and festivals to entertain tourist alike. Just walking down the main strip with all it’s little shops of trinkets and food stands with sausages and grilled cheeses (oscypek) is absolutley tantalizing! With so many things to do and see, one can become quite exhausted before even experiencing half of what Wisla has to offer. Enter, Hotel Gołębiewski, the Hotel of my childhood.

This 4 star property has always been the best way for my family to spend quality time together. Being that this hotel is very family friendly, they have many amenities that both parents and children of all ages can enjoy together such as their arcade and indoor water park. Looking for something a little more adult? Not to worry! Hotel Gołębiewski also caters to young adults, having a nightclub in the lower level, as well as a bar and lounge on the main floor. Business professionals can also find a great use of Gołębiewskis conference rooms for business meetings.


Hotel Gołębiewski is located on a ridge of the Beskidy mountain range with a picteresque view of the town and surrounding mountains. Wisla is not always a calm little town. It is a location where a lot of events take place every season. It is only here where you can take part in the Week of Beskidy Culture – where the greatest folk performances in Europe congregate. This is a very popular place for active vacations for all visitors. Wisła offers 9,000 places to sleep, together with Hotel Gołębiewski, which has 573 rooms and apartments.


Stunning views are definitely the best part of the hotel. While analysing guests comments I have seen a lot of them are choosing this hotel thanks to their amazing service and of course their location.


Hotel Gołębiewski was founded by Mr. Tadeusz Gołębiewski, who started his career by making cookies and waffles with his company “Tago” in the 70’s. This entrepreneur created his own hotel chain which is one of the most popular resort in Poland with 5 locations. Why are his hotels so popular? It’s an easy question that I decided to answer (as I have quite a few years of experience).



1) Hotel as a city – in Gołębiewski you can do everything without even leaving property. They offer 2 restaurants (buffet and a la carte style), Cafe Patio,  All Inclusive Bar, Conference Centre,  Aquapark Tropicana, SPA, Play room for kids, game rooms, Shops and Night Club. This is a very comfortable situation during winter, when its really cold in the Mountains or during any other bad weather conditions. A day at Hotel Golebiewski usually looks like this – wake up, breakfast, aquapark, lunch, relaxing, arcade, dinner, drinks, live music, night club, night cap, bed. Don’t tell me that this doesn’t sound like a perfect holiday! : )

Game room with a lot of arcade machines. Open every day from 11am – 3am.

2) Food. A lot of food – Gołębiewski is famous thanks to its wonderful restaurants. “The Red Restaurant” where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in a buffet style always has an amazing selection of dishes. Soups, salads, hot or cold dishes are always fresh and packed with lots of flavor. Here, you can find traditional Polish dishes as well as international cuisines. If you are looking for a more fancy and intimate dinning experiance then “The Green Room” is the spot for you. With a more elegant setting and exquisite a la cart dishes, it is a perfect place for a romantic dinner.



Be careful, as staying at Gołębiewski for more than 2 days can make your pants feel smaller than before you got there! 😉


Cafe patio located in the main area of the hotel just next to the Front Desk.

The “All Inclusive Restaurant” is open every day from 11:30am – 9:00pm where tea, coffee, water, soft drinks and juices are served as well as alcoholic beverages (beers, wine or vodka). Until 7pm you can also have desserts and cold snacks.

3) Aquapark – this indoor water park with its 25 meter sport swimming pool and water slides with a total length of 550 meters is definitely the most popular spot to spend your time. The Snow Grotto, four jacuzzis, three dry saunas, salt cave and wave pool always attract a lot of tourists. The only problem is that Tropicana is also open to the public, which means that during busy seasons (holidays & weekends) this is probably the most crowded Aquapark in Poland. The best advice I can offer is to wake up very early to avoid large crowds and queues. Personally, I recommend the Salt Cave, which is a quiet place where you can recuperate and improve your health by inhailing the salty air which is created by the salt walls and floor that surround you.

Outdoor part of Tropicana open only during late Spring and Summer season.

4) Comfortable rooms – every room in Gołębiewski has a TV, access to balcony, washroom, free water, A/C, heating system and much more basics. In the rooms we have a pretty good WIFI connection as well as around the whole property.


I would definitely recommend Hotel Gołębiewski to people travelling with kids as well as couples or single people. Everyone will find something interessting to do in the hotel without really leaving outside. As for bad sides of Golebiewski I can say that the pool should be closed at certain hours for outside customers, especially during holidays when occupancy is almost 100%. If you don’t like crowds or loud and busy areas, one of the places to avoid would also be the “All Inclusive Restaurant”. They definitely have a great choice of alcohol, snacks and soft drinks which is what brings and creates the crowd of loud people.

Personally, I love spending my time in Gołębiewski. I know that every time I’m there, I’ll be relaxed.

Beautiful interior makes this hotel look luxurious.


Hotel Golebiewski by night is visible from whole city of Wisła.

I hope that you enjoyed my article and you will make some plans to visit Poland and Wisła in the near future.


Thank you,

Kasia Walkow

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