Poziom 511. An ultra modern hotel in between old rocks.

In a sleepy little town called Ogrodzieniec, where the busy rush of city life is non-existent,   tucked within the hills of the Eagles Nests Landscape park (a part of the Polish Jura Chain) is Hotel Poziom 511  – such a paradise (isn’t it?). While driving closer to the property I started to wonder, how could they build a hotel in-between those old rocks and ruins of a medieval castle? Have they destroyed something of historic value? Has our nature suffered just to build another hotel? When I arrived, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Harmony. Harmony between the land and human ingenuity.


This hotel skillfully uses the beauty of this region to attract customers. Giving them lots of space to relax. All around the property are sunbeds where you can sit and admire nature:). I grew up in this area and what I always loved were the beautiful castles (25 castles in the whole area), high calcareous rocks and beautiful parks – a perfect area to spend my childhood!


Poziom 511 is hidden between calcareous rocks of the park. The Hotel is always full of customers who want to leave the city for a weekend break far away from civilization. In the parking area I noticed car plates from all over Poland which only proves how popular this place is.

Glass building composes perfectly with the surrounding area and I can say that this is a perfect place for those who love design. Every corner of the hotel is designed on a very high level and is attracting a lot of “art admirers” like me. While walking around the property, I was taking pictures of every single detail to catch its unique beauty and to share it with everyone on my blog.

Rocks are literally everywhere and are used also as a decoration.


Comfortable interiors and calm colours.


Very interesting part of the main lobby – little bookstore area where we can borrow interesting books (I have seen biographies, art albums and modern literature) to spend some precious time with literature.

As you can see, in certain pictures, a lot of rocks were preserved as a part of decoration. In the picture you can also see the entrance to the older part of the hotel.


Beautiful entrance to the newer part of the hotel, where the main lobby and reception are located.

The older part of the hotel where restaurant, more rooms and SPA are located (more food details later in my post).


Poziom 511 keeps everything at a high level of professionalism and quality. Staff working there is just amazing! Everyone is very nice and helpful. While checking-in I was talking a lot with one lady (unfortunately I didn’t catch her name) who told me the story of this property.  The area was sold a few years ago to the owner together with an old hostel, which was only destroying the surrounding area. Architects decided to reconstruct everything. They have not only changed the old hostel into a modern hotel but also made another glass part of this property in a perfect style so it is not visible from far away which doesn’t destroy the nature. After constructing two buildings, architects decided to connect the old part with the new one with an underground tunnel and elevator to help guests communicate with both parts of the hotel without going outside (we can walk from swimming pool to the SPA area without going outside, especially during winter time)


After smooth and very informative (thanks to the best receptionist ever) we got our room. I’m very thankful that we didn’t have to wait much for our room, as the staff made everything prepared for us very quickly (even though we arrived before check-in time-Thank you!).

I was travelling with my parents so we had reserved a room with a bedroom, living room (where I was sleeping on a sofa), with a bathroom and small toilet room. The Sofa bed wasn’t very comfortable and was making a lot of noise at night whenever I wanted to turn in my sleep. I think this is the only bad part of my Poziom 511 experience.

After a short break in my room and taking a lot of pictures for you I decided to discover their pool as well as the sauna area.





Have a look on the cutest lockers ever !!


If you have good eyes, you can spot funny pillow shaped toys located all around Poziom 511. Try to find all of them!!!

Another tour around the hotel. I can just walk around for us to discover new places.

Just relaxing and admiring view….but in fact I love this sofa so much + it fits my outifit : )


After a long and lazy afternoon at the pool we got really hungry. Hungry even more waiting to try dishes from their amazing a la carte restaurant (open 1pm – 10pm). My choice for that night was a soup with 4 different kinds of fish and a salad. I can also recommend their pastas and duck dishes!



After a very fullfilling dinner I went back to the pool area to read my book and relax a little bit as the next day we had to wake up very early….which actually was a really good experience as we had the whole breakfast room just for us. I was able to take more interesting pictures to present my amazing experience.

The right way to start your day. What I loved the most is that they had some vegan dishes for breakfast! I’m not vegan, but I like to try new and interesting dishes. If you are ever at Poziom 511, try their almond pastry (like a croissant with almond. OMG too good to be real)



Staying at Poziom 511 was an amazing time. I was there only for a night but felt almost like  I was living there! Thank you Poziom 511 – thats the effect I expect from hotels I’m staying at! To feel like in home far away from home : ) I plan to take my sister there during my next visit to Poland for a girls night! I didn’t use hotel’s very famous MEDI SPA, but will do it together with my sister!

Poziom 511 – http://www.poziom511.com


Thank you for reading,

Kasia Walkow







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