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Hi everyone,

today I would love to share with you my experience of staying in Sound Garden Hotel in Warsaw, Poland. This modern hotel is located very close to the airport (perfect if you have a long layover in Warsaw) and has a really good connection with downtown (direct bus will take you to the heart of Warsaw in less than 15 minutes). I have spent there 1 day after a long flight from Toronto and before continuing my trip to Krakow. I would love to share with you my whole day in Sound Garden Hotel.


Welcome to Sound Garden Hotel” – Sunday, 2:00pm

At the check-in we (me and my sister) got welcomed by a super nice Front Desk Agent Weronika, who is very professional, helpful and kind to every guest. I always believe that Front Desk Agents are the business card of the hotel, and they need to represent their working place at the highest level, which had happened in Sound Garden Hotel 🙂

In case when Front Desk Agent is busy with another guests, you can easily check-in on your own at their  “check-in stations”. I have tried it – whole process takes 1 minute and is really easy.

After a quick check-in me and my sister, we went to the 6th floor which is dedicated only to ladies travelers. I need to admit that I really like this idea. The separate floor where every woman can feel safe, should be nowadays in every good hotel as there are  more and more ladies travelling all alone (for business or just visiting).

In Sound Garden every floor is prepared in different music style. I walked a little bit through different floors and you could hear music in the halls.


This is a very interesting concept – you can choose your floor according to your music taste!

In our floor we had an access to small, but in progress library corner and a FREE access to 2 massage chairs dedicated to all ladies! I REALLY recommend to use them. They are very relaxing and help you with a back pain! Plus on the floor there is a relaxing music which will make you feel like in a Spa.

“WoW! Can I stay here forever?” – 2:15pm

When I entered my room I was very  happy that I will stay here as I loved my room interior from the first sight. We had a Grande Room type which had a big living room with desk, tv, coffee corner a well as a big and comfortable chairs. Bedroom was separated by sliding doors. In our room we had 1 toilet just next to the entrance to the living room and big washroom with bath tub, shower, toilet and sink.

Here is the view on the living room and you can see a part of the bedroom.


Big desk is really comfortable especially if you travel in business, you can work there and you have a lot of space for laptop and documents.


TV had also a lot of interesting channels as well as a lot of informations about hotel, Warsaw and an option to connect to your very own Wifi (available only in your room)


Very big and comfortable bed! What I loved were electric sockets next to every side of the bed- very comfortable! The only problem we had were pillows. unfortunately we only had 2 pillows, I was looking around the room but we couldn’t see any.


The view from the bedroom on our living room area. We had 2 TV screens in total, which was a good idea when you want to watch a movie in your bed. We also had slippers waiting for us on our bed.

Very well equipped coffee corner with teas, coffees (Keurig coffee machine) and Collagen Water (Voda company).


Big wardrobe with safety box, ironing board and iron. Big congratulations for Sound Garden Hotel for their very well equipped room. To remind you this room is located on ladies Floor so any girl/lady/woman will feel here comfortable and won’t like to leave 🙂

Beautiful main washroom, where we had everything we need.


Ok, Im hungry. Let’s go to eat! – 3:45pm

After taking a lot of pictures and enjoying a very short nap, we decided to leave our beautiful room to have a lunch. Luckily, Hotel wasn’t very busy at the time and there was a nice relaxing atmosphere.

We went on the lobby level to discover what we can eat in hotel. We went to visit their “The Good Company Garden Restaurant” where they serve breakfast (more details to come later), lunch and dinner. You can choose between pastas, salads, polish cuisine and more.

Their menu was very tempting with all those dishes that they offer. If you are allergic to any product or can’t eat lactose or gluten then their menu is a big help as they mention any allergen that might make you feel sick. My sister can’t eat gluten so from the menu she knew to avoid everything with number 1.

I have ordered very tasty spaghetti carbonara. It was a really big portion but I was really hungry:) We enjoyed fresh ingredients, plus everything was made almost in front of us in their open kitchen.


The rest of the restaurant was set in a colourful style with a lot of interesting furnitures and reminded me a little bit of Scandinavia thanks to it simple and practical decorations. Sound Garden is definitely a hotel which offers a lot of sitting areas, which certain hotels are missing. Their restaurant is also a good options for people working in offices around hotel. I have seen a lot of them buying breakfast the next day in this restaurant.

Green colour is definitely my favourite one 🙂


Some informations concerning restaurant. Breakfast Mo-Fri 6:30 – 9:30, Sat-Sun 7:30 – 10:00.  You can get your lunch there from 11:30-4:30 (Mo-Fri). From 6:00 – 10:00 pm they invite all guests for their dinner.


“Let’s move around after big lunch. Now it’s time to discover” – 4:30pm

Warm weather (but still cloudy) made us leave hotel for a little bit and discover surroundings of Sound Garden Hotel. Just in front of the main doors, you will find a bus stop. From there it’s only 10-15 minutes to get to the heart of Warsaw. If you want to travel in comfort, hotel staff will order a taxi for you.

Architecture of Sound Garden reminds me a little bit of a spaceship, and the garden of the Planet Mars 🙂


Hotel is connected with other buildings made in the same style where you can find a lot of offices and head quarters of different companies.


There are a lot of walking areas where you can spend your free time while staying at the hotel.

Yeah, thats the place which reminded me of the planet Mars ; ) If you want to know why, I recommend movie “The Martian” : ) So if you visit Sound Garden you an feel like in a different world!


“I think it’s going to rain, let’s go inside” – 5:30pm

Unfortunately you can’t predict weather in Poland. If you’re coming to visit my country make sure you have an umbrella. If not then you will borrow one in Sound Garden Hotel.


Normally I wouldn’t really care about umbrellas, but recently I have visited a few hotels in Canada and USA with the same standard as Sound Garden Hotel and they never had umbrellas to borrow (if they had, they were charging a lot). Little detail but makes your life easier.

At this time we decided also to visit Hotel Lobby and look around the other public spaces.


And again, a lot of sitting spaces.I really like it as in many places you need to hunt for a place to sit and relax.


Sound Bar where you can purchase a little snack, beer, coffee and something sweet any time you want.


If you want a souvenir from Sound Garden just because you are SG FAN 😀

Sound Garden organizes also a lot of events and conferences as they have a really good meeting options with their 9 conference rooms (starting from small ones for 14 guests and up rooms for 310 attendees). Names of the conference rooms refer music, we have opera, mazurka, concerto 1 and more. They are all located on level 0 and +1.


“Now it’s time for dinner and a nice dessert : )” – 7:15pm

For a dinner we came back to the same restaurant, as we really enjoyed our lunch.


Very nice staff in the restaurant!

………be careful next pictures will make you hungry……..

Ohh yeah! That was definitely an amazing dinner! Everything was tasty and the dessert wasn’t too sweet which is perfect for me! Thank you so much Sound Garden for spoiling us that much:)

After our dinner we found a nice spot in Lobby Area where we could watch an Euro Game (that was France vs. Portugal)


I can’t imagine what was happening in the lobby area when Poland was playing, but I’m sue it was really crazy 🙂

“After the game it’s time to sleep” – 10:30 pm

After a day full of surprises it was time to sleep. the next day we had to wake up early for a breakfast. Good night!

“Good morning sunshine” – 7:00am

That was Monday morning, but I was really happy 🙂 The best part of staying at hotels is the breakfast time (this is my favourite meal during the day). As I as expecting, breakfast was as good as lunch or dinner. Big choice of hot and cold dishes, salads, fruits, breads or sweets. If you want to get a sandwich to go, you can purchase one in restaurant.


After big breakfast it was time to come back to my room, pack our staff and leave 😦 Staying at Sound Garden Hotel was very relaxing and I could forget there about all the pain of 9 hours flight in economy class :).

Thank you Sound Garden for an amazing hospitality!



I definitely recommend Sound Garden Hotel to everyone -> you can make your reservation through their website 



Thank you for reading,

Kasia Walkow

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