Beautiful hotel between sea and mountains

Hi everyone,

in today’s blog post I would like to share with you an amazing memory from beautiful Paloma Renaissance Antalya Beach Resort & SPA in Turkey! This time I’m writing this post with my parents who visited this hotel at the beginning of June 2016 (they are also part of “Life is a hotel” team 🙂

After a short flight from Poland to Antalya (around 2,5 hours) they have finally landed and were ready to board their shuttle bus to hotel (30-40 minutes drive from airport) to start their amazing holidays.


From the main entrance my parents were welcomed by the greenest park around hotel they have ever seen (beautiful gardens were also one of the reasons they have chosen this hotel). Theres nothing better than spending holidays in between palmtrees and colourful flowers. After a quick check-in they could finally get to their very bright rooms, which was a pleasure to stay in. Very convenient but simple room is what I  personally love.

After a quick relaxation there was a time to visit and discover this property.


My parents told me that the lobby area is really big and gives a release during a very hot day. There is a lot of hidden sitting areas where you can relax in privacy or have a drink from lobby bar.


A lot of compliments to Paloma Renaissance Antalya Beach Resort & SPA for this little library area. I really like hotels which keep books left by other travellers. I like to browse between them to learn more about taste or hobbies of other people.


Did someone parked in the lobby ?  : )

More and more lobby area

One of the stunning restaurants – “Seasons a la carte” with an extra paid cost.

Renaissance Lounge, with an amazing atmosphere where you can feel like in 19th century. Usually this is a place where managers have their meetings but you can visit it to read a book and relax.

Are you hungry ? I’m scared that following pictures won’t really help your hunger ! But will definitely help you to plan your vacations : ) I must admit that the choice to food was incredible(I’m really jealous!). Everyone was able to find something tasty and everything was fresh (omlets, pancakes, eggs etc…) and always looking very good.

Here is my parents typical breakfast! Always with a fresh pressed juice. Breakfast was served in La Noblesse Main Restaurant. Every bar served typical turkish coffee and black tea.


Every day they were making a big barbecue for a lunch. Vegetables, fish, meat and everything you can only imagine 🙂


What unfortunately is not very helpful for guests on diet , is their incredible choice of desserts. The biggest problem my parents had was – what they should try….? Photos were taken during dinner time in La Noblesse Main Restaurant, but similar desserts were served during lunch. If you need more sweets, then every day between 2:30pm – 5pm you could grab incredible desserts in Patisserie located in Lobby Area. Ice creams were also served during lunch and dinner (good to freshen).

Fresh fruits area! Thats what I love while travelling to warm or tropical countries. If you need some Vitamin C, then you will definitely fulfill your demand.


Vegetables…… If you want to have a salad, this is a perfect spot. Perfectly cut tomatoes, fresh olives and cucumbers are the perfect choice during a hot day.

If you like honey, fresh from beehive you can try it in this hotel. Personally, I have never seen such a food decoration in any hotel before. Plus it was very tasty with a dessert plate or just fruits.


Any cheese lovers here ?


If you are eco friendly and care about your health then their 100% organic sections is something you are looking for!  Desserts contain organic ingredients and you have a big choice of fresh fruits and vegetables. Hotel is definitely proud of their organic foods. They also serve their very tasty organic wine (Yerlim) made in their own farm (got certificate according to  the Organic Farming criterias).


Hotel Renaissance is literally located between sea and mountains. While relaxing at the beach we can admire the beauty of the Taurus Mountains.



Perfect spot for a real Turkish tea in Beach Bar



This perfect location is what makes our holidays unforgettable, plus the beautiful garden where you can walk during hot day to find some shadow.

What I liked the most were those glass lantern that you could find all around the beach and pool area.

For those who love to swim, hotel offers 3 outside  pools (one is reserved only for guests staying at Villas) and 1 indoor (just to avoid hot sun).


While talking about water I need to mention the most beautiful part of the hotel, which is beach (sandy and pebble stone). There is a lot of beach beds so you don’t need to wake up at 6am to reserve your spot ; )

Beautiful wicker lamps inside the Beach Bar.


Are you a cat lover ? Here is the spot for all hotel cats walking between aisles, where they can drink, eat or sleep and relax. There is a also Tip Box where you can sponsor cat food.



My parent said that this is one of those hotels that they would like to visit again. They also liked an amazing staff in Paloma Renaissance Antalya Beach Resort & SPA, which was always nice, professional and was going above and beyond guests expectations.


Safe travels,

Kasia Walkow (+parents)





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