Hotel Review & Photos: Mercure Krakow Old Town

Would you like to visit a royal city and feel like a Queen or King for a while? The best way to experience all this is to visit my hometown Krakow – one of the oldest cities in Poland. Unfortunately you can’t really stay at King’s palace, but you can stay at Mercure Krakow Old Town and experience real Polish hospitality and stay in comfortable rooms.

Hotel is located right in the heart of Krakow, very close to the Main Market Square where anything can happen and you can meet interesting people. If you would like to meet a polish royalty you should spend a night or two (or even more) at the Mercure where you will be greeted by fantastic staff and Barbara Radziwiłł which was a Queen of Poland. You will meet her right at the Main Lobby (there is a selfie option with Queen as well).


Front desk agents welcome every guest with a smile and a kind word to make everyone feel like a very important person. Their check-in process is fast and at the highest level. They are currently working on a new check-in method which consist on carrying tablets and walking around lobby area to check-in whenever guest feel more comfortable after a tiring travel. There are a plenty of places to sit!

Room with the view

After a fast check-in we got to get to our room (because of my current situation and health problems I have to use wheelchair so I booked a reduced mobility room – more pics from my room you can find here – Handicapped person in hotel).

We got a big room with a Queen size bed, big washroom, mini bar, wardrobe with safety box, working desk and the most interesting view from our window. As Mercure Hotel is completely new you can basically smell that this place was recently open, like after moving to a brand new apartment after renovations 🙂

As hotel is located in downtown, theres nothing but buildings (offices or shopping mall) it is hard to have a view on the park or another tourist attraction. Instead of looking at an ugly wall, they have painted it, with a “King’s Palace” where you can see Smok wawelski and other personalities connected with Krakow’s history and traditions..

Yeah, thats the view! ❤

Lovely colours in washroom and my favourite cosmetics (did you know about Planet 21, program in Accor hotels which commits for the well being of the world?). Very accessible washroom for wheelchairs.

If you look around your room, you will find a lot of Polish or Krakow’s details. This hotel is a perfect place to discover our history and traditions.


And now I have a question worth $1,000,000 for you – can you spot King and Queen ? : ) If you have a chance you can meet them at your room.

Plus a big surprise for me – a personalized welcome card from a very nice and helpful Guest Experience Manager – Grzegorz Zygmunt (if you have any question about the city, you can always ask him and of course anyone from the  fantastic staff)


“I’m a king of my castle”

Let me take you for a trip around the hotel, which offers 198 rooms (from Standard to Executive), restaurant Winestone, bar, gym or meeting rooms.

Check-out the video from Mercure Krakow Old Town I have posted on my Instagram


If you want to keep fit after a whole day eating Pierogi or other Polish dishes you can burn some calories in this modern gym with a lot of different machines. There is a lot of space so everyone can find something to do. You will find there small towels and mineral water for hotel guests. Don’t forget your room card to open the gym doors!

Thee is a also a big area where you will find conference rooms. If you’re here only for the conference or a business meeting in one of their room, you can find the stairs from the lobby that will bring you directly to your meeting.

Where history meets the modernity

I would like to show you what makes Mercure Krakow Old Town an amazing place to visit. All the details and colors in hotel will definitely stay in your memory for a long time. Personally I think, that this is a perfect hotel for design lovers. You can get there some inspirations to use later in your own home or office. I was really fascinated by decorative panels, that you can find in hotel’s corridors or in the lobby. I have decided to do some research and found out that Polish company Loft Design System is the author of these beautiful decorative panels. They don’t only have a decoration use. Thanks to Soundwave system, that increases amount of sound reflection they will makes your stay at Mercure Krakow Old Town more comfortable. Good job Loft Design System.

In the evening instead of sitting in your room, go there with a book or without and observe life outside and people walking around (I bet everyone is doing this while travelling to a new place).

I’m hungry! Feed me!

Sometimes after a long day of walking around, all you want to do is just to relax at your beautiful hotel and have a fancy dinner. You can have it all at Winestone, a lovely restaurant (with a professional staff) that you will find at the lobby area. Or if you live in Krakow and want to try a new restaurant, just go there with your beloved one for a romantic dinner.

I had a chance to try their tasty Club Sandwich (just the bread was too soft and it was hard to keep it in my hand). In their menu you will find some polish and international dishes as well as desserts and beverages – alcoholic and non alcoholic. I have seen some foreigners trying Pierogies and they were looking really tasty 🙂

In Winestone restaurant area, there are a lot of tables and chairs to sit. Every morning this place changes into breakfast corner as well.


If, after a tasty dinner you will still have some power you should discover Krakow’s night life! There are bars and clubs open till the morning as Krakow is a city with thousands of students. You can party with people from all over the world and make a lot of new friends. The good thing is that hotel is really close to popular spots at the Rynek Glowny so you don’t even have to take a taxi.

In the morning, after a crazy night you must feel really hungry. Every morning you can join other guests at the breakfast. Personally, I think that breakfast is the best part of every stay at the hotel. If they have a good dishes and a big choice there is a big chance I will be back to the hotel. Theres nothing better than start a day with a full belly.Mercure offers a lot from sweets, to fruits and cold or hot dishes. If this will be your first stay in Krakow, try Obwarzanek  for a breakfast (the ring shaped bread) – you can buy it at every corner of the city. It’s peoples favourite snack during the day:)

Welcome to Mercure Krakow Old Town and, enjoy your stay. And if you need any help hotel’s staff is there for you. You will recognize them by these Krakow’s accents on their uniforms. As for me experience, I have never seen better staff uniforms!

What I really enjoyed in this hotel except beautiful rooms, tasty food and designer interiors is definitely Hotel’s staff. Very passionate people, who make this hotel the best one in Krakow! Mercure offers the best rooms in the city and a real polish hospitality!

For reservations, you can contact them directly – Mercure Krakow Old Town

Hotel is easy accessible from Krakow Glowny Railway Station (which is around 250 meters from hotel) and an International Airport Balice.


Thanks for reading,

Kasia Walkow

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