Hotel review, Indigo Krakow – Old Town

Last month we had a chance to visit Hotel Indigo Kraków – Old Town a brand new hotel in Krakow that I wanted to visit for last few months. This opened at the end of last year hotel is a first Indigo’s brand in Poland. Since I have crossed the main doors I already knew that I have never seen such a well designed, interesting with a lot of details and surprises hotel 🙂 I’m very proud that this hotel is located in the heart of my hometown, Krakow. As you have already read in hospitality magazine “Hotelarz“, you know that Indigo Krakow – Old Town received prestigious prize for being the most innovative hotel in Poland in 2016! Good job!


From the entrance, we got welcomed by beautiful, decorative and well-designed lobby area where the green is the dominant color. Inside the lobby, you will find a lot of pictures of strong, beautiful and independent women painted by a famous artist – Tamara Lempicka. At the front desk, you will also meet fantastic hotel staff which will help you to feel there like in a home far away from home.



Next, to the front desk, you will find an U BAR where everyone can come in for a tasty coffee, tea, drinks as well as for a home made cake and a good food. Thanks to the atmosphere this is a perfect spot for your next meeting with friends, family gathering or a date.




I’m a big fan of Krakow’s history and I admire discovering a lot of interesting details about the life of famous people coming from my city. I’m really into painting. Hotel Indigo Krakow – Old Town makes an important role of being a good history teacher of polish painting starting from my favorite Young Poland (“Młoda Polska) a modernist period in Polish visual arts, literature, and music. Thanks to an amazing front desk agent, we could not only visit different types of the rooms but also the whole property and learn about a lot of interesting facts concerning building and renovations process (as the hotel is located in the 19th-century old town house, which before was….) Every single floor at the hotel is inspired by different artists such as Jerzy Nowosielski, Stanisław Wyspiański or Jan Matejko. While walking around the corridors, stop for a moment and read short biographies of these famous polish painters, located on the walls.

Art lovers are welcome to take stairs instead of the elevator to discover beautiful paintings and learn more about history. Actually, we didn’t like to take the elevator as it seemed to be really hard to push different buttons… Did anyone else have the same experience?

If some of you will ever find similar tiles, that will be available for sell, let me know, please! I’m really interested in changing my flat’s design.

Our hotel tour was very inspiring and interesting thanks to our amazing guide! This young gentleman from the front desk is a big hospitality passionate. I really regret that I have forgotten his name, but if anyone from Hotel Indigo Krakow – Old Town will contact me I will definitely try to describe him. Hotel Indigo should be proud to have such a lovely staff and a real treasure 🙂

We have started our hotel tour from the “Pastel” room named by Nowosielski, as it was located on his floor. This is a beautiful room perfect for travelers appreciating calm and soft colors.


Another room was inspired by “Young Poland” (“Młoda Polska”), which is a modernist period in polish art and literature. You can find this interesting room at the Wyspiański’s floor.


Most of the bathrooms are designed in a very similar style – beautiful tiles, big and comfortable shower, good quality cosmetics, slippers, bathrobes and a lot of soft towels.


At the end of our trip, we got to our room. It was a stunning interior inspired by Jan Matejko. We were really lucky to get to this room – where they have connected history with modern times. A big plus for a very comfortable mattress and perfect rooms lighting.



You are opening the wardrobe and there is a jungle inside 🙂


Small but still bit enough working desk and a tiny coffee table where you can find an electric jug and coffee maker.

Inside our room, there are old and well-preserved desks that are sustaining the ceiling. It was an amazing experience to sleep that close to the history – I almost felt like in a museum 🙂

If you plan a conference or business meeting, Hotel Indigo Krakow – Old Town is also a good place for you. At the -1 level you will find a very well decorated conference rooms. This 85 square meters’ rooms can fit up to 50 people. Inside the conference rooms, you will find 2 big screens, papers to write down all necessary information, pens, utensils and of course Wi-Fi connection. You will also have an option of ordering catering with snacks or lunch.




At the Hotel Indigo Krakow – Old Town you can also take care of your body and health. Just next to the conference room you will find a small but very well furnished gym and sauna.

After a very good night at hotel’s bed (where we have slept like babies) there was a time for our favorite part of every day – breakfast!


Here I would love to say hello to fantastic cook, who was making sure that we won’t leave breakfast hungry 🙂 She really cared about us as well as other guests (you can see that she loves her job and taking care of customers). She has prepared for us amazing pancakes and they taste like at grandma’s 🙂 Breakfast at Hotel Indigo Krakow – Old Town was simply amazing and gave us an energy for the whole day!



If after check-in you still have some time before your journey and you want to stay at the hotel to relax, we invite you to the chimney room located next to the front desk. You will definitely feel here like in a home far away from home. Inside you will also find a lot of books about design, history, and culture.


Beautiful doors are inviting you to the Hotel Indigo Krakow – Old Town. Unfortunately, it was time to leave this beautiful place and come back home. Thank you for an amazing stay!



Kasia & Ola Walków

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  1. Really really love how they have decorated this hotel. The green theme is really gorgeous, especially the velvet seating and the green tiles at reception. They have done an amazing job retaining a sense of historic detail but at the same time giving a modern feel as well. The rooms look really comfortable too. I’m hoping to visit Krakow one day soon so will remember this place for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So I’ve never stayed in a Hotel Indigo before, however after looking at all the pictures I may have to add that to my list real soon or at least go to the one in Krakow first though it may spoil me. I mean I kept saying oh that bar is cool and then I would scroll down and say oh the art deco is really awesome and then scroll down and say wow really nice athletic room and Spa, and then I saw the brick in that room and thought wow that’s really awesome that they kept it brick inside love that look and feel and then you hammering me with an unbelievable looking Library period was there no end to the cool factor in this hotel!.


    • This hotel is a real paradise for bloggers! It’s kind of a “Instagram friendly” place where you can take like thousands of pictures and later when I review it you have a problem of posting too many pictures 🙂 I had amazing time there and hope to be back soon 🙂


  3. The Indigo Krakow Old Town hotel looks so sleek and comfortable! I love the look of the rooms, and that they have different styles. The chimney room looks like a cozy place to relax, and the bar looks like a nice place to hang out and chat too. I will save this post and keep the hotel in mind for when we visit Poland!


  4. Looks like a gorgeous experience. I like the overall green colour scheme. We have no plans to visit Poland but we may in the next few years, in which case we will definitely have to check out this hotel.


  5. Oh my. What a beautifully designed hotel. I loved that it’s so eclectic and quirky. Would love to stay in the Pastel room! When I get to visit Poland, i’ll be sure to look this up! 🙂


  6. AllGudThings

    The Hotel Indigo Krakow is really beautiful. I liked the dominating green color theme, especially at the reception area. The rooms with different themes too look beautiful esp the one inspired from young Poland artist. Chimney rooms give a homely feel and the food too looks delicious.


    • This hotel was completely renovated but still keeps the atmosphere of the old building. And they also kept some of the details untouched so we can stay in the room with old pieces of wood 🙂 It’s an incredible feeling to be so close to the history 🙂 Like in a museum!


  7. Awesome! I love the theme of this hotel. Great vibes and design, plus the luxe furniture and trinkets. Looks like you really had a wonderful time during your stay! 🙂


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