Viking Line ship from Stockholm to Turku

I guess it’s not really a hotel related blog post, but from now on I will share with you also my exciting travel stories 🙂 Every time I visit a new city I try to experience everything it has to offer. That was true when I visited Turku on the south-west coast of Finland. The city is beautifully situated near the archipelago and has almost 200 thousand inhabitants, which is fairly big for Scandinavia. There are many places you need to visit here, among other things the Turku Cathedral, Turku Castle, Luostarinmäki Handicrafts Museum, and many more. But there is one place you can’t miss, a theme park based on the beloved Moomin books by Tove – the Moomin World! It is located around 15 – 20 minutes bus ride from the city center.

But let’s start from the beginning 🙂

In order to get to Turku, I took a ferry from Stockholm. That was actually my first experience with a shipping company Viking Line, which was very positive. Most of their ships are very modern and offer a lot of attractions like bars, lounges, duty-free shops, casino, clubs, restaurants and comfortable rooms.


On the enormous sundeck, we experienced a perfect sightseeing spot while departing from Stockholm. As you might know, there are thousands of islands called the archipelago. It was a pleasure and very relaxing time when leaving a harbor. I had a unique chance to see Stockholm from the other side.

As you can see I was enjoying my time while at Viking Line 🙂



And here’s how my cabin looked like 🙂


And tiny, but well-equipped bathroom 🙂


I also had an exquisite dinner at the boat! They had a buffet with a lot of different meats, salads, sweets, appetizers and some vegan treats. And of course some traditional Swedish meatballs. And as you can see I focused mainly on desserts 😉

After a delicious dinner, it was time to walk around the deck to admire the beautiful nature of the Baltic Sea and the archipelago. It was quiet and bright till around 11:30pm! If you decide to go outside don’t forget to take a jacket or scarf because it gets freezing. I did my trip at the beginning of June, and when I was walking on the sun deck it was really windy!


Our ship was equipped with a 24-meter high rotor which was spinning all the time. Its function is to minimize ship fuel consumption thanks to so-called Magnus effect. Simple put the rotor produces thrust from the wind. It was impressive to see such a giant rotating object above our heads.

While on a ship I love looking at the moving waters of the archipelago.

As our ship arrived in Turku around 7am, we had a lot of time to discover Turku in the morning before heading to the Moomin World.

After a couple of hours walking around the city, we finally took a bus to the Moomin World… but about this, I will write more in the next blog post 🙂

Thank you, Viking Line, for your hospitality ❤




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