Welcome to the Moomin World

After walking around the city of Turku for 3 hours, it was time to take a bus and head to the Moomin World in Naantali, small and charming town. This lovely city is located 16km from Turku and around 180 km from Helsinki. If you are arriving from Turku city center, you can quickly catch a Moomin Bus (fare is 5,80 euros and free for kids under 2 y.o.). There are also a couple of public buses, and here you can find some more information.


Moomin World opens daily from 10am to 6pm (from June 9th to August 12th) and from 12pm to 6pm (13th to 26th August). If you want to save some money, you should purchase your ticket online which is 28 euros. You can also buy your ticket at the gate for 30 euros.


Do you want to know a secret? This is how the Moomin house looks like from inside 🙂

BTW – While entering the house, I was welcomed by Moominpappa ❤


And of course the well-equipped kitchen, that belongs to Moominmamma 🙂

Next on my way to Hemulen’s house, the cutest on the island! Just look at these colors.

Don’t forget to visit Edvard the Bubble (the world’s largest animal) who is waiting for you next to the Moomins swimming pier. The bathing hut is also a place to visit where you can take beautiful pictures of the area.

If you get tired and would like to have a nap, there is a special place for you – Whileaway Park. You can find their hammocks or beanbag chairs. So why not take a nap? 🙂

At Moomin World’s property, you will also find some food restaurants with burgers, homemade food, ice cream or doughnuts. While walking around you will also find a few stores with beautiful souvenirs like fridge magnets, dolls, lamps, t-shirts, sweets and much to discover for you!

Everything looks so pretty all around that it makes me feel like a kid again when every day I was watching my favorite cartoon “Moomin World” 🙂

Whenever you visit Moomin World, make sure you have comfortable shoes! There is a lot of walking if you really want to enjoy the whole island and fun so much fun. Don’t also forget about some scarfs or light jacket as it might get windy on the island. As you can see on my pictures, it was kind of cold that day even tho it was beginning of June.


Do you remember The Groke? As a child, I was terrified of her/him 😦



I truly recommend Moomin World for everyone! Kids and adults, boys and girls!




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