Disneyland in Hong Kong

I’m in love with Disney World since I was a kid. I loved watching Disney cartoons and collecting Donald Duck’s comic books. I have even started to learn English with Disney’s movies while watching them in the original language. When I was 8, I remember the first time crying at the cinema during “The Lion King,” later a couple of years, I fell in love with Andy and Buzz. As a teenager, I was singing “The color of the wind” and was inspired by the courage of Mulan. I have literally grown up while watching Disney movies and cartoons. This is why nowadaysΒ when I’m an adult who loves to travel, I visit different Disney parks around the World. So far, I have visited parks in Tokyo, Paris, Florida, and the last but not least – Hong Kong.
But this time, I have decided I will enjoy a full Disney experience together with a stay at one of the hotels. As I had in my plans to visit Hong Kong, it was evident for me to put HK Disneyland to my “to do” list. I have decided to put my Disney’s plans at the end of my visit as the resort is located very close to the airport, which was easy for me to fly back home. From Central Hong Kong, it took us around 30-40 minutes with uber to get to the resort during peak hours. While driving there and approaching the resort, I have noticed the big area with lots of trees and a lake. That was a perfect place for those who love to walk. When we arrived at our hotel, Disney The Explorers Lodge, I was sure that I’m in Bali and not in Hong Kong!


We were welcomed by a fantastic team of people who helped us with luggage and us feel like in a magic kingdom πŸ™‚ We got welcome cookies and of course stickers πŸ™‚

It was a pleasure for us to enter such a beautiful hotel surrounded by nature and diverse cultures. Hotel is inspired and furnished according to four unique tropical climates of Asia, Oceania, South America, and Africa.
Hotel’s motto is “ad explorare et somniare” which means “to explore and dream.” Sounds like a perfect place for me πŸ™‚

We had a chance to visit Disneyland during Christmas time, so enjoy the stunning decorations πŸ™‚ Everything inspired by Mickey Mouse of course πŸ™‚

We have arrived pretty early, and check-in was from 3pm, but we were really well treated by the staff, who gave up some water and of course more cookies πŸ™‚
Finally, after receiving all of the instructions, maps, necessary pieces of information, we were able to start looking for our room. I also have to mention how fantastic were the hotel’s staff. Very professional, and they were very productive while checking-in. All of our questions were answered πŸ™‚

We got a very comfortable room on the first floor with two big separate beds and a washroom with a shower. In our room, we also had a TV with a couple of channels where you can only watch Disney movies and cartoons.

Do you like hotels with personalized bed sheets? Well, to be honest, I have never seen this before in my life. Just look at the bed sheets in our room πŸ™‚ Can you spot Mickey’s ears?


Everything in our room was inspired by travels.

In our washroom, we also had Disney’s cosmetics and a metal box with some personal hygiene products. You could take it with you as a gift from the hotel. I actually use mine as a pencil case.

Disney Explorer’s Lodge offers a various dining possibilities. You can find here three restaurants, in-room dining. It gives you an opportunity to taste new cuisines from all over the world and of course local dishes.

We have also decided to have breakfast at our hotel. Everything was delicious and fresh-made, especially waffles in the shape of Mickey’s head. The restaurant we went to for breakfast is called “Dragon Wind,” which also serves delicious Chinese dishes during lunch and dinner. I sincerely recommend it.

During breakfast, there is a surprise waiting for you! This is also a place where you can meet Chef Mickey or Donald Duck, who have prepared these tasty dishes. You can definitely take a selfie together πŸ™‚ you can hug and take a selfie with some of Disney’s characters.


When you are not in the park and would like to visit other hotels (of course, I did!) you can easily walk around the area. But sometimes it can take time. This is why there are Disney buses that can take you around πŸ™‚

But first, let’s have a look around Disney Explorer’s Lodge:

I know that that in different Disney Resorts, there are different Disney hotels. In Hong Kong, they have three: Disney Explorers Lodge, Disney’s Hollywood Hotel, and of course, the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.
We started our visit by The Hollywood hotel, created in the style of 80′ in Hollywood. I love the blue color of this building and stunning palm trees that remind me my beloved Santa Monica πŸ™‚



One of the things I was really looking forward to was restaurants located at the resort. I have heard a lot of good things about the food that you can try at some of the restaurants. As it was my first time there, I have decided to stay at the Hollywood Hotel and try their AYCE buffet. And I have to admit I was totally shocked by the quality and the choice of the dishes. You could try there everything stating from sushi, fresh seafood, Indian food to the best cakes. My favorite was, of course, sushi and dumplings.


If you still have someplace in your belly, then look at some of these sweets πŸ˜€

And the main attraction of the evening – Chef Mickey. I have to appreciate his effort, as the dinner was really tasty πŸ™‚

After a big and filling dinner, there is nothing better than a long walk. This time we were taking our steps to another Disney’s hotel – The Disneyland Hotel. I’m sure most of you know it from movies or pictures. It stunning decoration, luxury, and lots of Mickey related details.
Welcome to this Victorian palace located on the shores of the South China Sea. This is a place where you can stay in luxurious rooms and apartments and, at the same time, enjoy all of the modern amenities. At the whole day having fun at the park, there is nothing better than a cocktail in the grand 6-story lobby.



Let me take you for a quick visit to the Disneyland park, let’s have some fun πŸ˜€






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