Hotel IKEA in Sweden – Make yourself at home

Welcome to the world of IKEA

Hej! This is the way how Swedes greet each other. Today I would love to take you for a trip to a very unique place for all IKEA lovers – Hotel IKEA. This located in Älmhult property welcomes guests for over 50 years! Opened in 1964 firstly as a Motel to give IKEA shoppers the possibility to recharge before a long drive home. I have to add that the first IKEA store opened its doors in Älmhult in 1958. Since that time, it was getting trendy that people from all over Sweden were traveling to shop there. In this case, opening the Hotel was just a fantastic idea. At that time, the Hotel even offered a swimming pool, and of course, its restaurant served famous meatballs.

You could find some archive photos around the Hotel that present how IKEA Hotel looked like in 60′ when they have opened it. I wish they still had this swimming pool, as it seems like a perfect spot to spend some sunny days 🙂 While checking-in, a charming receptionist told e that there was a pool before renovations where the Front Desk area is currently located. IKEA Hotel was renovated and enlarged some time ago, so when you check-in, you can stay in the older or in the newer part of the building.

My room at the IKEA Hotel

I have checked into the classic double room with a queen-size bed. My room was pretty big, 18sq m and enough for two adults. It has a comfortable desk, relaxing area with an armchair, tv, a small bathroom and a place where you can hang your clothes and hang your jacket.

Of course, in my room, there were many sockets to charge my phone or camera. But what I really liked were these lamps with wireless chargers where you could simply leave your phone, and it would charge. I admire how IKEA makes our life easier and much more accessible.

My room had a small but comfortable bathroom with a convenient shower. It also had soap, and a shower gel included. Luckily there also was a drying machine, as I forgot to take my own. And if you are in Sweden do not forget that you can drink water from the tap, and in Älmhult it was a delicious one.

As this trip was a gift for my birthday weekend, I was celebrating there my special day. I was also very nicely welcomed by IKEA Hotel, and the staff prepared a lovely surprise for me. Tack så mycket IKEA Hotel ❤

A little bit of the Swedish Lagom

My hotel’s room was spacious, beautiful, and decorated in a LAGOM way, which means “Not too much, not too little.” I felt there literally like at my own house, as all of the furniture was from the IKEA store. The biggest surprise I actually had when I have opened the drawer and found there…. an IKEA catalog! What a fantastic idea, primarily that IKEA catalogs will only be published digitally on the internet from now on. But if you live in Sweden, you can order one to your house located anywhere within Swedish borders.

Start your day with a tasty breakfast

As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal during the day. Especially when you have long days ahead of you, as I had. Currently, during pandemics, breakfast had a different form than before. Nowadays you won’t find there fresh scrambled eggs, sausages or bacon. The hotel prepared sandwiches that you can enjoy during your breakfast or take them to your room. During my stay hotel was almost empty, so I decided to enjoy my breakfast at the restaurant.

Everything during breakfast was tasty and fresh; a lady working in the restaurant ensured nothing is missing at the buffet. I would only say that the choice for vegetarians was too small. But they had tasty yogurts and an amazing lactose-free and gluten-free cake, which I really liked. And as a warm dish you could have some hard or soft boiled eggs, and of course herring (which I really love especially in Sweden).

Important infortmations during pandemics

If you have any questions regarding COVID restrictions at the hotel, I can say that everything is well managed. From cleaning public spaces to the number of disinfectant gels around the property to information to keep distance all over the public places. At the restaurants, employees were also wearing masks while serving food.

In case you would like to purchase some snacks or simply gadgets and souvenirs from IKEA, the hotel has a small store with all you need (even plates :D). Do not forget that IKEA Museum located just next to the hotel has a big souvenir store, but about Museum, I will tell you more in the next post.

“Secret Garden” at the IKEA Hotel

The hotel also has a private garden, which I believe looks impressive during summertime. You can pick their blueberries and other fruits that you can find. They also have some tables outside where you can enjoy your food and a special conference little house to have your business meeting.

Some extra services at the hotel

If you travel there for business and you plan to stay for a while, the hotel offers a well-equipped laundry room with a drying machine and iron board and a gym (changing rooms and sauna are closed until further notice) as well. You can find them both on the ground floor.

Make yourself at home

At the IKEA Hotel, you have plenty of room and a place to relax with your family and friends. These public spaces are also perfect to meet new people. Currently COVID hotel limited the number of people that can stay at once in those unique places.

Remember that in your room at IKEA Hotel you won’t find an electric kettle. So if you would like to have some tea, you can do this at the Lounge located on each floor. There are also microwaves and a fridge. I think really useful for those of you who will stay at the hotel for a longer time due to business.

At the IKEA Hotel, you will also get lots of tourist informations. Make sure to have some time to visit at least a little big of the region of Småland where Älmhult is located. Personally this is my favourite part of Sweden.

At the end I would love to show you some more pictures from the lobby area. This is one of those hotels where you will find lots of places to sit and relax.

Thank you so much for your hospitality IKEA Hotel ❤




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