Hotel Museum at Hotel Lotte, Seoul

I was really happy when while visiting Hotel Lotte in Seoul I have discovered the most beautiful place in the world – Hotel Museum ❤ You can find it on the first floor of the Main Building. This very interesting museum presents to all guests the history, culture and development of Korean hospitality industry. Hotel Museum was created to present heritage and traditions of the Bando Hotel, which was Korea’s first commercial hotel (opened in 1938!)


The amount of informations, photos and old objects will keep you there for a while so be ready to check everything very carefully and read a lot. It will be an interesting experience for anyone.


In Lotte Hotel Museum you can read very clear and interesting Global History of Hotels. This is an essential information to better understand the beginning of hospitality industry all around the world.


There is a free admission to the museum, so you should definitely visit this place even if you are not guest at The Lotte Hotel.


This big collection of pictures, objects or utensils will take you back in the past to see how guests many years ago were welcomed in Korean Hotel. You will find there everything from travel cameras, to match boxes or even room cards.



For me the most interesting were guests registration cards from 30’s and Old/present uniforms of Lotte hotel’s staff.


Quality Chinaware Setting with beautiful utensils and plates (I wish to have one at home)


A lovely set of coffee cups and saucers, located just next to the liquid coffee containers from around 90’s.


What was really interesting for me, were matchboxes! I love their design.


There was also a lot of informations about Lotte Hotels, presenting their past but also future plans and development of this luxury Korean Hotel brand.

Grading system for Tourist Hotels (based on tourism promotion law in Korea)


The name “Lotte” comes from Goethe’s novel “The Sorrow of Young Werther”!



This is definitely the best place not only for me – a passionate hotelier, but also to anyone else who would like to learn history of hospitality.

+ Hotel Lotte is located in downtown Seoul

+ Museum is open every day from 9am – 8pm




Kasia Walkow

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