Hotel Review: Korzkiew Castle

When I was a little girl, my main dream  was to live in a real castle. Currently (un)fortunately I’m living in my own flat in a downtown of the big city. However my dreams about living in a castle never expired. After coming back to Poland I decided to visit all hotel castles in my country as we have a lot of them. Few weeks ago I started by Zamek Korzkiew located only 13 km of Krakow’s city centre. I have spent there one night waiting for friendly ghosts….


Mr. Jerzy Donimirski, the owner of Donimirski Hotel family, started his hospitality career in 1976 when he inherited Pałac Pugetów -the 19th century palace located in downtown Krakow. Later in 1997 he repossessed a castle that belonged to his family (to his great aunt Eleonora Wodzicka) and he decided to renovate it. For many years Mr. Donimirski was living in France where he was studying architecture. He used his experience while renovating Korzkiew Castle. With the help of experts and thanks to his knowledge as well as imagination he created this luxurious hotel, that already for years serves tourists who are looking for an adventure and history. Hotel can be also rented for weddings, business meetings and other family reunions.

Zamek Korzkiew belongs to Donimirski Hotel group which consists of 5 hotels in Kraków: famous Pałac Pugetów, Hotel Gródek (*****), Hotel Maltański (***), Hotel Polski, Hotel Kościuszko (*****) and Zamek Korzkiew in Korzkiew (and about this castle I will tell you more).

Donimirski Hotel group belongs to the “Heritage Hotels Poland” program, which focuses on hotels which main values are hospitality, history or bringing historical heritage back to life.


At the castle you will only find 4 chambers, that is why reserve your room as soon as possible as really often  Hotel is fully booked. Chambers don’t have a typical room numbers but the names such as: Brochowicz (my chamber), Syrokomla, Leliwa and Trzy Traby.

I have reserved the biggest chamber at the castle – Brochowicz, which was a keeper’s flat before. My room had two levels which is perfect for a family of 4 adults. On the first level we have a King size bed and on the second two twin size beds. At the room there is also a bathroom. In the chamber we have a red colour on the walls, which is a colour of the love and also king’s attributes. Because of the bad weather in November at the castle was really dark but it had this special charming look. We could feel like a people who lived there many years ago.


Resting area at the chamber with the chimney that you can use on your own.

I really loved the stairs in my chamber ❤


Some pictures of the second level part in my room

Small but convenient bathroom. What I really liked, that is the fact that in the castle was warmer than in my own house :O


My remarks about the room:

At my chamber we didn’t had an electric kettle that we could use. At the hotel there is a possibility that someone from people working there can prepare a water for a coffee or tea for us. In this case we have to put some clothes on and leave the room instead of stay in bed and prepare our favourite coffee.

The other problem I had was my mattress…. I know that everyone like different kind of mattress but if you like to sleep on a hard one, then this is not a place for you.

What  I really liked about my room was an unique atmosphere and silence…. This is a perfect place to forget about civilization. At the Castle there is a pretty good wi-fi connection, but I recommend to switch off your phone 🙂

At the picture you can see a tower where my two levels chamber is located.


Let’s discover the castle

A common area for all hotel guests is the relaxing area located on the first floor. There is a big TV screen and comfortable couch. This is a very cosy and elegant place with a charming atmoshpere where you can relax and network with others.



Castle courtyard is a perfect place for outdoor events such as weddings or family reunions. Hotel hosts a lot of events during spring, summer and early autumn seasons because of the weather conditions in Poland. I think that every season has its own charm and even during rainy days in November days spent at The Korzkiew Castle are beautiful.

While walking through the cloisters I could feel like a real princess. There is an option to rent the whole castle for your own event and then you can feel like a real King or Queen.


Because of high number of stairs at the Castle I don’t recommend it to families with small kids or older people with orthopaedic problems. Staff at Korzkiew Castle is in a really good shape because of all stairs they have to climb every day 🙂

In separated part of the building there are 4 rooms prepared for conferences or weddings, that you can rent from May to November (there is no heating out of season). Rooms as well as chambers have beautiful names: Renaissance Hall, Knights Hall, Royal Hall and Master of the Royal Huntman’s Hall. Each one of the rooms is charming and thanks to it unique atmosphere, perfect for weddings. Each conference room is equipped with stylish and beautiful furnitures that will make you feel like in a medieval castle.




There is nothing more important than start your day with a good breakfast. Korzkiew Castle offers tasty cured meat, cheese, vegetables or home made paté platters. They can also prepare scrambled eggs and sausages as a hot dish option. The best part is that you can sit at a big table and eat together with other hotel guests.


That was for sure very unique kind of stay at hotel and a dream come true for me (to live like a princess for a day). I recommend this hotel for every history passionate. As well as historical design fans, as there are a lot of art pieces.

Unfortunately I didn’t met any friendly ghost but lovely hotel staff recompensed this for me. Very friendly and experienced Miss Basia told us the whole story about the hotel. It was really nice to learn more about the place where I have stayed for a night.

Book your stay at Korzkiew Castle today! This place is an inspiration for authors. This is where Victor Owellsky wrote his two books “Kod Władzy” and “Kod Władzy Tajemnica Czternastej Bramy”.

I hope that your stay at Korzkiew Castle will also inspire you to do something interesting.


Thank you,

Kasia Walków

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  1. The room is fantastic – the two level one. The spiral staircase is a wonder! Though the climbing might be tired off after a while.
    Wow the stairway hugging the wall of the castle is such a sight! True the amount of stairs would be inconvenient, but hey its a castle!
    Great post and very insightful. Now we wish we live in Poland and could do what you do! Castle hopping!

    Liked by 1 person

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