Review: Hilton Garden Inn Krakow Airport.

Few days ago when I was visiting Hilton Garden Inn Krakow Airport I got an amazing idea for my new blog post! I decided to describe a day of a business woman who stays at Hilton Garden Inn Krakow Airport for 20 hours during her stopover!  In 20 hours she will host a meeting and interviews in conference rooms, have a dinner, use hotel’s gym and of course sleep in a superior type of room. If you want to follow her steps, you should check this post!

Sophie, 39 y.o. lives in Munich and works for a big international company as an HR manager. She travels a lot and likes to stay in comfortable hotels.

2:00 pm – My flight from Munich, just arrived. With a small suitcase I cross the arrivals area to the exit. My hotel for this upcoming night is just on the other side of the street.

4:45pm After quick and efficient “check-in” I can finally go to my room (number 406), which is located on the 4th floor. Once I enter my room, I already know that this will be a very comfortable night. “The bed that dreams are made of” is a Hilton Garden Inn’s revolutionary Sleep System. The view from my window was very unusual as for an airport hotel 🙂 I was able to see a garden on a roof, which was created in the philosophy of “Hilton Garden Inn” chain. This is definitely a nice surprise for everyone who expects nothing but buildings and concrete. During my stay garden was covered in snow, but when I will visit this hotel again during summer time I will see how it really looks like 🙂



At the hotel you can find accessible rooms with bathrooms very well prepared. At the walls inside these rooms you can find a lot of alarms which people in need can use. On the walls inside this room  you can also find alarms for deaf people, which in case of accident flash in very intensive colours.

3:30 pm After a very quick shower and changing my clothes I came back downstairs where I have a few meetings. I work as an HR manager for a big company and I have made a few appointments in my hotel. This is why I admire Hilton Garden Inn Krakow Airport – I don’t really have to leave outside to take care of my businesses. For my meetings I have rented 3 (Charlie 1, Charlie 2 and Boards Room) out of 10 meeting rooms. I will host a few interviews for an important job position. This is why I’m looking for a professional services and quiet environment. Hilton Garden Inn’s staff prepared for my candidates coffee, tea and cookies in the main foyer. In front of the foyer area there is a big cloakroom and washrooms. Conference Rooms that I have rented are located next to each other and it’s easy to find them thanks to my company’s logo at the screen next to the entrance door.



Really big foyer area just before hotel’s staff set up tables for a coffee and tea. This is also a perfect space for networking during the breaks in between important meetings.


6:00 pm Finally I have finished my interviews and I have chosen the best person for the job position that I was looking for. In one of the conference rooms that I have rented there is an option for a Video-Conference, which I have used to present my candidate choice to the CEO of my company in London. I have also met a person from Sales team at Hilton Garden Inn Krakow Airport to agree all the details for my company’s big event. In 2 months we organize a meeting for my company’s representatives in Poland. We have chosen Hilton Garden Inn because they offer the best conditions and they have a big conference possibilities. We want to host 200 people and this is why we decided to rent rooms Alfa 1, Alfa 2 and Alfa 3. It will be a whole day event during which we will have 2 coffee breaks and lunch prepared for our company. All our guests will also have an access to free Wi-Fi and also special deals for rooms at the hotel. I want to show you a few pictures from one of the rooms that we will rent and connect with two others, which in total will give us a huge conference room in the size of 239 square meters.


6:30 – 7:20 pm After a whole day of working I deserve a nice dinner! After changing my clothes in my room I came back downstairs to my favourite restaurant (there is an option for a room delivery, but I’d rather spend some time in between people). As I was really hungry, I didn’t really know what to order . Fortunately a really nice waitress helped me not only with choosing my dinner but also paired my favourite wine with a nice dessert. The worst in the restaurant when you are hungry is waiting time… But only after 2 minutes of waiting I got my appetizer – a warm piece of bread and olive oil.


After only 8 minutes I also got my soup – Crayfish bisque with salt zander, boletus, fennel and thyme. It had an amazing taste! Chef at Hilton Garden Inn Krakow Airport, Mr. Miłosz Kowalski is a very talented and passionate about cooking. He has prepared a menu that will fulfill everyone’s taste!


As a main dish I have ordered Roasted Pumpkin and Honey Risotto. The best Risotto I ever had!


While waiting for the rest of my order I was looking around the restaurant. As always there was a lot of people but you can’t feel their presence because of the space in the room. Restaurant is also very well illuminated with a lot of lights.


As chocolate is something that I can’t live without I have ordered Smoked Plum Mousse with caramel, cognac, plum, vanilla ice cream and of course chocolate.


7:30 pm It’s time to relax with a cup of a hot tea in lobby area, just next to the chimney 🙂 There is also a bar where you can order drinks and food.


9:00 pm After I had some time to relax and send few emails I have decided it’s time for the gym! You will find a gym and fitness facilities at the first floor. During  even the shortest stay at hotel I have to take care of my body. Thanks to a lot of devices that you can find there I was able to make my 45 minutes training. Hotel’s gym is very well equipped.

10:00 pm After I came back to my room and had a long shower (as always I have used my favourite Peter Thomas Rooth cosmetics that you can find at Hilton hotels) I was finally able to lay down in my favourite Hilton’s bed. In my room I was also able to prepare my favourite green tea.


11:00 pm After watching TV and familiarize myself with my schedule for tomorrow I finally felt asleep. Goodnight and Do Not Disturb!

8:00 am Rise and Shine! After waking up and putting some clothes on, I was ready to go for my breakfast (I really love breakfast at Hilton hotels, as I can always find there something for myself). After being welcomed by a waitress I have found my spot and was able to conquest the buffet. The choice was really big; starting from cold to warm dishes. While cooks were preparing sunny side eggs for me, I was able to chose something else for myself. As usually on my plates arrived cheese, cold cuts, vegetables and more. Talking about something sweet, I have chosen warm croissant and fresh fruits. I also had some more space in my belly for a fruity milkshake 🙂 Today I have a really long flight so I have to fulfill my stomach for a long day.



9:00 am After coming back to my room I had almost 1 hour for packaging and preparing for my flight. I couldn’t forget to print my boarding pass in Business Centre that you will find next to the Front Desk.





10:00 am Unfortunately It was a time for a check-out (something that I don’t really like). What makes me happy is the fact that in two months I will be back for my company’s event! I have also decided that next time I will bring my family here. It will be a good reason to show them my favourite hotel and Kraków. I have already chosen my room! It will be King Superior Bedroom Suite number 424 with a big King size bed and sofa bed for my kids. We will also have a small kitchen facilities in our room. In this room there is an option to connect with another room thanks to the side doors to make a one big room for the whole family!

From the hotel to the Krakow’s city centre there is a 20 minutes ride in the train. The railway station is located next to the hotel. It will be a good opportunity to show my favourite city to my family. First train is just after 5:00 am and the last one at the midnight which is really comfortable for a lot of travellers. Now it’s time for my flights. See you soon Hilton Garden Inn Krakow Airport.


Thank you Hilton Garden Inn Krakow Airport for your hospitality and a very tasty dinner!


Kasia & Ola Walków

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  1. This looks like a great place to stay! I have found that Hilton hotels are always top notch. If I’m exhausted and want a day to spend in comfort, I look for a Hilton! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I love how you’ve showcased everything from the perspective of a woman on a business trip and showcased all of the great features. It seems like the Hilton Garden Inn Krakow Airport has everything a person needs to make business trips, conferences, meetings, and events a huge success!


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