Review: Hotel Puro Krakow

In my hometown Krakow, a lot of hotels rise up every month and some of them are on the market for years already. I had a chance to visit some of them during last few months. I have visited Hotel Puro Krakow, located in the heart of the city at the beginning of January.

Hotel Puro comparing to other hotels step out thanks to its unique architecture and glass facade. Puro is located next to the Galeria Krakowska shopping mall and a walking distance from Rynek Główny. This is so far the only Hotel Puro in Krakow and the 4th in Poland. Thanks to amazing hotel reviews and a lot of tourists coming to my city, the second Hotel Puro is being built in Krakow (this time in Kazimierz area). This polish hotel brand develops so quickly and I’m waiting for more information about new buildings.

I have visited Hotel Puro at the beginning of January and stayed there for 1 night together with my sister Ola. Convenient location just next to the railway station from which you can get to a lot of polish cities as well as Balice airport which is a really good advantage for a lot of tourists.



At the front desk, just when we have arrived there were a few guests waiting for their check-in (the whole process was going really smoothly). After a few minutes of waiting there was a time for us. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best check-in I expected from this hotel. I guess that the front desk agent didn’t have a good day as he didn’t even try to smile at me or say something nice. I felt really bad because of this situation while waiting for the rest of the action. During whole check-in process this front desk agent didn’t either say a word, until asking me to sign registration card. He also gave me my room cards and that’s it… Usually, I don’t mind sleeping with my sister in the same bed, but this time when I have heard how nice and professionally other guests were served I was really sad. They got all necessary information and got to choose a room they prefer. Maybe I should have said something first? Well, I didn’t like the way I got welcomed in Puro hotel but It didn’t change the way how I liked the hotel as it was a really nice and unique place!

My room

Finally, we arrived to our room. At this moment I felt in love with Hotel Puro Krakow. My room was really stunning, modern, small but very comfortable and perfect for 2 adults staying here for a few nights. At the hotel, I really felt like in my own home as I’m a fan of modern interiors. Minimalism together with modern decorations will be admired every guest.

IMG_4828.jpgThe super soft mattress (I don’t like this kind) definitely interrupted my leisure time. Mattress from a very popular company Hilding  wasn’t my favorite kind. Fortunately, the size of the bed was perfect for 2 adults. A lot of pillows in our bed was also a nice surprise as in a lot of hotels you only get one. Our room was kept in bright colors. Thanks to an iPad next to the bed you can control lights in the whole room.

Our bathroom only had glass walls. Thanks to a curtain we were able to cover the area for more privacy. The only thing I regret is that we didn’t take our cosmetics for the shower as these at the hotel wasn’t the best quality and we didn’t get a hair conditioner.

The possibility to separate from the bathroom and the entrance to the room gave us an opportunity to create a nice and cozy sleeping area.


Inside your room, you will also find a small closet and a desk which you can use to work on your laptop during your free time.

Hotel lobby

What I always miss in a lot of hotels is sitting area. At the Puro hotel, there are a lot of couches and chairs where you can sit and relax after your check out. This is also a really good place to have a business meeting and simply meet with your family and friends. Good job for a designer who created this unique and colorful area for hotel guests.




Inside the lobby, guests have an unlimited access to coffee and tea (for here and to go). All you have to do is to apply your room card to the machine and just after moment, you can enjoy your favorite drink.




On the other side of the front desk, there is a restaurant “Dystrykt 55” where you can have your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Together with Ola, we went there for our dinner. As we were really hungry we only took two different salads – with duck and salmon.



Salad portions aren’t really big and are perfect as very tasty appetizers. Salads looked so delicious and they were very tasty. They will definitely satisfy every fan od healthy food. At the menu, you can also find a lot of different dishes and really good prices.


Finally, it was a time to sleep. From our window we were able to see our favourite spot which is Galeria Krakowska shopping mall.


Every evening hotel illuminates with different colors and is visible from far away. If you are every lost in Krakow all you have to do is to follow these lights. They will bring you back to your hotel.

After a good sleep and full of energy we went down to the restaurant to try hotel’s breakfast (as you know this is my favorite part of hotel life). A big choice of healthy and fresh products will give you a lot of energy for the whole day.

Enjoy your meal : )


If after your meal you still have time to drink and enjoy your coffee I recommend to sit next to the big table. You will find there a lot of good books and magazines about design and fashion. At the Puro Hotel, you can really start a perfect day!

After big breakfast and quick rest, there was a time for check-out, which was really good. A very nice and helpful front desk agent asked about our stay and ordered a taxi for us.

Thank you so much, Hotel Puro Krakow for your hospitality. We hope to visit other Puro hotels in Poland. I recommend you to check this hotel brand where you will spend a nice time and you will be surrounded by design.

We wish you a lot of success and waiting for new Puro Hotels!

Kasia & Ola Walkow

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